CONVERSATIONS WITH G: A Physician’s Encounter by Shealy M D PH D


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If it could be said that a personal relationship can be developed between a human being and an impersonal spirit guide, then author Dr. C. Norman Shealy accomplished this with G. They established a type of communication that was intense, at times personal, but also productive with G providing Shealy a view of what human beings could heal if their consciousness would only break free or break through of its illusions.

In Conversations with G, Shealy not only offers an overview of his life and his successful medical career and healing advancements, but he shares conversations with his spirit guide, G, who has been a part of his life for more than thirty years.

A story that inspires the spirit as much as expands the mind, Conversations with G narrates a personal journey of mystical encounters with angelic teachers and materialization and dematerialism which have led to numerous medical- and health-enhancing discoveries.


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