Anatomy of Dreams by Annette Rawlings (Author)


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A study of the structure or internal workings of dreams.

Freud and Jung are two of the world’s most famous psychoanalysts. They had different views on dreams.

Freud thought dreams were “objective” and Jung believed they were subjective. Through a therapist, I found my dreams to be a product of both. The interpretation of my dreams were invaluable to my life as far as understanding problems I was having in my everyday life. My dream therapist helped me remove issues of the past, understand the present and gave me glimpses into my future. My dreams were trying to help me go forward in my life.

Exploring my dreams with my therapist became invaluable to me. We resolved my old problems and helped me see the future unencumbered by my past.

I hope my book gives the reader some insight into their dreams.


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