A Grand Quilt of Life] by Lynn H. Lee


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In this poetry collection, author offers a contemplative reflection on the experiences of an Asian American immigrant within and beyond the United States. The stories presented in these verses embrace a multicultural nation where several languages are spoken. Aside from the voices of words, numbers, data, memories, Asian characters and alphabets, these stories embrace a variety of poetic sub-genres, among them, Japanese haiku and tanka, Korean sijo, Malay cherita, and Chinese couplets — the most meaningful common ground between East and West.

Footprints on the Snow

What was that quietly visited at midnight,
Left on the snow— footprints in two lines.

A Grand Quilt of Life

Stories of our lives
Were cut into patches of fabric
In iridescent colors,

Every piece fair and square,
Sewed together many lives,
A grand quilt of life.


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