Zephaniah (Charles Tarrell)


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This book explores the themes and content of the book of Zephaniah, one of the smallest of the Jewish prophets. Though his book is dominated by dire warnings of the coming Day of the Lord, most modern Christians remember Zephaniah for his tender promise that God, “… will exult over you with joy, He will be quiet in His love, He will rejoice over you with shouts of joy” (3:17). The prophet’s message of God’s holy wrath against evil and God’s joyful love over His people both terrifies and thrills the reader. But, unlike the variety of messages coming from the church today, this message is different. Something like the impact of discovering the book of the law back in King Josiah’s day, the message of the prophet Zephaniah does, in the end, bring rest for the soul.

In a day when many evangelical authors are redefining the promised Messianic Age as something that is happening now spiritually and only now, Charlie Tarrell’s treatment of Zephaniah and his thorough biblical theology of the “Day of the Lord,” is refreshing and necessary. The plain sense of scripture in which this book expounds Zephaniah’s prophecy of a yet future earthy Messianic Age brings encouraging meaning to the blessed hope that Bible-believing Christians should have in the midst of the turmoil and hopelessness of our present day. May we all take courage and daily anticipate our Lord’s promise “Look, I am coming soon!”
— David P. Ley, President, Alaska Bible College

Charlie Tarrell has taken something that most Christians fear, and made it accessible and enjoyable. He unpacks the book of Zephaniah (along with many sections of the other minor prophets) with clarity. Charlie engages his readers with a fuller picture of Zephaniah’s message or Zephaniah’s warning of the Day of the Lord, but also reminds Christians that what comes next on the timeline is something we ought to look forward to: Jesus’ millennial kingdom!
Pastor Mike Satterfield
Emmaus Road Church
Stanwood, Washington