Your Prayer Journal with God (Gary, J. Vochatzer)


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Publication Date: 5/10/2021
Trim Size: 6 x 9 in or 229 x 152 mm
Page Count: 748


If you are seeking all that God has to offer

I can tell you with all the honesty I can muster up,

it can only be done through communication in prayer

I have found in my ten plus years, 1992 to today,

that God will answer, but one must ask!

I have had habits I thought were unbreakable

and God broke them

I have had problems I thought were unsolvable

and God has solved them

I have had fears I thought would scare the hell out of me

and God put peace within me that fears fled from

and let me alone with God

I have had shackles tied around my feet

with no key to unlock them,

Yet God came along and untied them as if

the chains were string

I have has difficulty with people and He changed me

so that I saw them in His view instead of mine

I have had inner self problems I thought for sure would have driven me to the grave

yet God took me on another path and saved me from my own inner self

I have had monetary problems I thought for sure would have put me in debtor’s prison

Yet God made a way out of such dilemmas that all I could do was sit in tears

over His love for me

So whatever your situation – whatever your problem – whatever your scenario-

whatever your handicap – whatever your thinking in a tragedy – whatever, even if you think the

sun surely won’t come up tomorrow…let me be the one to announce to you that God is greater

than all the above, but you have to take the time to spend with Him.

Start today – it’s never too late, regardless –

And be assured, God is waiting with a pocket full of answers to your situations!