YOU DON’T HAVE TO COMMIT SUICIDE: Learn how to Overcome Demons of Depression by Rev. Michael Walker


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This book can be very helpful to those who find it hard to talk to people about their problems.

Those who find it hard to interact with others. People whose lives are so hectic, with work and children, which are so demanding, they can’t even find time to go to Church. He wants them to have the consolation that God is right by their side and they are not alone. We also have the assurance that he is always willing to help them when they call out to him.

Looking at the situation of the world in which we are living in today and observing the suffering and pain that the nations are going through; I have always sought to find a solution whenever any problems arise in life.

When I study the Bible the (Word of God) I find that he has given us the solutions, but it seems that we refuse to accept his guidance and seek to find our own answers but sad to say that our answers do not help us.

When God Created the World he put everything in motion to sustain life.

And to heal our Sickness and Diseases. We have however; gone so far away from his teachings and we have now developed our own ways and rejected his way, and because of that we are reaping the reward of our doing

My advice is that we seek to find his will and his way and try to obey it.

Let us not forget the words of Jesus Christ who told us that God is our Father and as Father he has the responsibility for our well-being.

Thank you for buying this book may the God of Heaven bless you.

Signed with love from

Rev. M. Walker




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