Trails Southwest (Diane Cece)


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Publication Date: 12/6/2018
B&W 6 x 9 in or 229 x 152 mm
Page Count: 218


Tom Lacey was a young man who lost his family during a raid by rustlers in the 1870’s. Left alone to fend for himself, he sells his father’s farm and becomes a drifter and fiddle foot.

In his desperate pursuit for survival he becomes involved with a band of desperados, learns a fast draw, gains a reputation as the Nevada Kid, and flees with Smokey, a cowboy and drifter he befriends. After the robbery of the Kingston-Downey Express, the two sidekicks decided to find honest jobs while hiding out at a cattle ranch. Nevada had been shot through the left thigh by a pursuing posse, and taking on honest jobs was the only way Smokey  could get his pard under cover and back on his feet again without getting captured.

Buck Johnson was John O’Connor’s ranch foreman. A tough disciplinarian who made the ranch hands tow the line. He took a dislike to the young new hire he thought was a no count farm boy. It was his job to straighten out the trouble maker and turn him into a worthy ranch hand.

Tom Lacey and Samuel Embers were outlaws who split from the Younger Brothers Gang. Their handles were the Nevada Kid and Smokey. Seeking refuge at a cattle ranch, jobs are offered to these two sidekicks by the prominent rancher. Mr. O’Connor needed extra ranch hands for a cattle drive he had coming up.

What the drifters didn’t figure into the equation was the rancher’s beautiful, innocent young niece, Polly Trainer, falling in love with the outlaw the Nevada Kid. She came from back East to live with her aunt and uncle and to teach at the local schoolhouse.

Nevada’s sidekick Smokey Embers had a very tough time keeping the beautiful girl from controlling his partner’s soul and destiny. Polly was the one witness to the robbery of the express who carried enough evidence against the two reformed outlaws to get them into Yuma prison or worse hanged.

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