The Mysteries of Investing Revealed by Gary L. Wilson


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Invest in common stocks? If you want to beat the inroads of inflation and build funds for retirement, then common stocks are a must! Do you want returns high enough to prepare for retirement? Then you need a minimum 15% per year average return. Is a 15% return achievable? The answer is a resounding “Yes!” This book gives you, the small investor, the tools to achieve an average return high enough to meet your personal needs. The world is changing. The world of investing is changing. What does this mean to the average investor trying to meet his everyday needs? This book provides the answer. Yesterday, it was enough to invest domestically. Today, an investor needs to think globally. Tomorrow, the small investor will not have the luxury of ignoring international markets. This book goes beyond the basics, providing the small investor with recommendations and the tools to evaluate those recommendations.


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