The Man on the Right Side: Two Friends then Became Enemy by Jerry K. Woah-tee


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The battle is between two best friends who became enemies over the same woman. The whole situation gets more complicated and reaches its maximum intensity when the woman was encourage by her male friend to move into his house with their young daughter eventually took the husband to court that led to their devoice and the husband becomes a victim.

This book is based on true stories that the author experienced. He recounted his suffering and pain to reveal the true nature of the human mind. In regard to his experiences, the author took into consideration the psychological statement that man’s mind is divided into a conscious and unconscious part. Every good thing is of the conscious part which just occupies a small percentage of the mind whereas the unconscious part dominates a person’s daily activities. As you read the stories, you will begin to understand why the author chose the title “The man on the right side”. His best friend became his worst enemy.

In his arguments, the author wonders if he will ever trust another man’s word. It is the general believe that man thinks from one side of his brain. Most of the time, he is led by his unconscious mind. When he sees the negative outcome of his actions, he regrets it. The man, Suah Kollie, you are going to meet in the stories, is of no exception.


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