The Invisible Foes She Encounters


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This heart warming story takes you through the roaring twenties and into the dirty thirties, then into the forties when this enchanted little girl was born, and later found out she had epilepsy, it shows you the struggles she had to overcome, through the first seventeen years of her life. The strength she had to get through those invisible foes she encountered. And the will power she had to overcome, the stepping stones in her way. This story is based on the author’s life and she hopes it will inspire those with epilepsy to be able to have their dreams come true too, it shows the patience she had to beat the odds, and finally see her dearest wish come true. This story will at times make you cry, and other times make you want to laugh, at the things she did to overcome her invisible foes. It shows you love she has for her parents and patience and understanding she learned with this awful sickness, the story will show you how she managed to beat the odds of having epilepsy for the rest of her life. It will show you how the world can look, when you are free of the Invisible foes.


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