THE INDUSTRY OF PRAYER: The Approach That Gets The Job Done – Paul Owusu Yeboah


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What is your concept of prayer? How do you approach prayer?
How result oriented and Effective are you in Your Prayer Life?

Our concept and perspective of a subject would ultimately determine our approach, attitude and effectiveness in it. To be effective in prayer, we must not only focus on the objectives we pursue, but also the principles, processes and the practices that relate to those objectives.
With a background of more than 30 years in experience in the prayer ministry, Rev. Paul Owusu Yeboah puts the connecting links together in this beautiful masterpiece; The industry of prayer: the approach that gets the job done! In this 1st volume, Pastor Owusu Yeboah sets forth prayer as in a modern setting of industry and he brings to fore not only the elements of effective prayer but how they blend.

Read this inspiring and enlightening book and gain insight concerning

• How you can become better motivated and more purposeful in prayer
• How you can pray without missing the target through the laws of prayer
• How the Holy Spirit helps you to be innovative when you seem to be stuck
• How your prayers and prayer life can become more organized to achieve results
• How you can ensure spiritual protection in prayer


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