The Greatest? by Jerry L. Stafford


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Although this book, “The Greatest?” contains fiction and is about fictional characters, it’s intent is to present an allegory that demonstrates the existence and the greatness of God

Life is a journey filled with trials, triumphs, sorrow, and joy. This is an attempt to paint an allegorical picture of a time in the life of a young Navajo lady who became disappointed with life and convinced that religion is foolishness, and that God is non-existent. She watched her mother, a white woman from a bar in Phoenix Arizona, ridicule her Navajo father who practiced the traditional Navajo religion until he gave up on it and sat in his Hogan and drank himself to death.

“The Greatest?” is about a young person who suffered the loss of a loved one while praying to a god she really didn’t believe exists and became angry with herself and with God.

It is an allegorical picture of a young doctor who has watched his mother faithfully attend church all his life but has learned in college that religion is a myth about a mythical creature, religious people call God.

It is an allegorical picture of a pastor whom God has put in the path of these two unbelievers to guide them on the path of life to the recognition that God is real and that he is the greatest by using sources from Scripture, Science, Archeology, Astronomy, Geology and established Historical facts, and several other resources.

During this journey, horses are used to cope, at least temporarily, with depression. Another horse is used to help Debra recognize her emotional malady and deal with it in a constructive way; it has been my experience and training that distraction can sometimes be helpful in cases of depression and that sometimes we learn through anthropomorphic reflection.

Follow Debra as she and Don are lead down a path that reveals Christ as Savior and Lord and find out if they give themselves over to him through a series of pastoral visits and Christian counselling, trials, sorrow, and suffering.


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