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This story is a total work of fiction. Nothing contained in the book is true and the persons involved do not reflect actual people unless by coincidence. Names and places, except for minor exceptions, do not reflect actual entities. The London City Airport actually exists to service London travelers. The characters Matthew Miller, Leslie Miller, Buzz Bunday, Sara Harris, Rachel Brody. Lisa Miller, Kathy Richards, Shirley Richards, Ashley Wilson and others do not exist in the manner reflected in the narrative. Also, there is no one called the General that the author knows of. Coincidentally, persons with those names may exist somewhere in the world, but the author is not aware of them. There are some minor exceptions.
Generals Doolittle, LeMay, and Splan and Admiral Halsey are real American war heroes and Giles, O’Donnell, and Powers are American wartime pilots. Other military personnel in the story reflect fictitious names assigned to non-existing people. Names in Switzerland and computer facilities do not exist in real life.
Facilities and other operations invented to support the story are derived from the author’s imagination. The manner in which these services are used is purely fictitious.

The book has two main objectives: to serve as a sequel to two books in the trilogy: The Mysterious Case of the Royal Baby and The Curious Case of the Royal Marriage, that are examples of a rumor or conspiracy that has been materialized to entertain the reader. That book introduces a new genre in fiction writing – which is its primary objective. This book gives an example of how the important characters could have turned out.

The author would like to acknowledge the assistance of his wife Margaret in the preparation of the manuscript.


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