The Father’s Heart Cry by Carrolynn Cudney


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In this book you will feel the rejection God feels from the people He created. The love He poured out on mankind has returned back to Him.

God’s desire was He wanted a family. He wanted man, to desire Him as much as He desired them. God’s plan of redemption through Jesus Christ hasn’t been received across this land. Man’s rebellion and self-will has separated them from God’s plan.

He’s waiting for us that have excepted His free gift of salvation to come higher by allowing Him to purge out everything that is preventing us from becoming all He intended us to be.

God’s calling His people to wake up, and come into the relationship He always intended us to have with Him.

Read what God’s Spirit is saying to His children today about Satan blinding the eyes of His children with a spirit of religion.

In the book of Revelation 2:4 Jesus told the people you have left your first love return to where you have fallen and repent. You once were on fire with Me, now you have become familiar with me. Your zeal is gone. Regain that love you once had. Fan the flame in your heart and burn for Me once again. God is giving His church a wakeup call.

God is calling for His army to get into position. He’s setting up His Government.

Are you ready to answer His call?


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