The Devil Must Fear Your Name


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There is no doubt that we all are living with fears of attacks, even death. Fear of evil laws, enemies invasion and unsafe society. Everybody live in fears each day that breaks. The devil knows that the time of our Lord Jesus Christ coming back is fast approaching. Christians need to understand this truth- Christ coming. Christians must activate their new knowledge power in God’s words to enable them prepare adequately for the perilous time and rapture, command the devil to keep off their homes, and everything that bears their name. This book will opens the eyes of everyone who read it – mostly Christians that worship Servants of God because they receive money or magic miracles from these devilish agents of Satan, called “miracles Pastors” These money preachers used the knowledge of God’s words in negative ways to scams and destroy people’s faith in God; even some destroy many homes through spiritual manipulations. Is a book that stirs up your faith in God; reset your mind to think and act like God no matter the situation you find yourself and take on every powers of darkness through aggressive midnight prayers to make you harmless in the midst of powerless powers and midnight rulers in high places. Finally, the book exposed to us the importance of uprightness, holiness and culture and absolute obedient to God’s words to winning all life battles against our accuser – the devil.



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