The Crooked Coast 14 Great Australian Mysteries by Lillian and Raymond W Case


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This book is written as a self help book to refer to when you have problems with coppers courts government criminals con men con women the insane masquerading as normal until too late you see the madman emerging Chapter 1 black panthers as my experiences with these animals they really do exist when you see them it’s not a mirage I have seen plenty of them Chapter 2 desert survival is a chapter how to survive breakdowns and repair your vehicle after it is dead in the desert repairing tyres checklist of your vehicle how to survive in the desert that’s what Australia is a large desert this chapter is full of really good tips and helpful hints on how to do everything yourself to survive Chapter 3 dieting a lot of helpful hints on how to lose weight Chapter 4 is what to expect from the coppers courts and the lawyers from my experience they are all in the same club together making their decisions long before they get to court and they don’t care who they railroad for political purposes like myself Chapter 5 world’s loneliest graves says it all back in the early 1800s one must stop and think of the hardships they went through no doctor no medical no nothing if they got ill the end result was a shallow grave if there were lucky a few rocks on top of it no headstone attempt of any type one must ponder at such hardship chapter 6 mysterious carvings beyond Jurassic related to things we use everyday some reports UFO having a boomerang shape well look at the carvings there are two boomerang shapes in it there is the face of a some type of astronaut in the bottom face goggles clear and others and the strange 4 together in a perfect square more even the shape of a rocket ship all the individual pictures are framed in sandstone strange sandstone rock indeed chapter 7 car servicing Covers all the mysteries of servicing maintaining and looking after your car change the timing belts fan belts oil filters oil everything to do with servicing your car which is very important your investment written by a professional mechanic Myself chapter 8 the road toll everyone wants to arrive home safe and sound but a lot of us don’t this chapter is about telling driver of the car everything they must know to be safe on the road how to look out for criminals on the road and how to drive safely and maintain your car & much more chapter 9 desert outlaws Covers the murder mayhem bashing & killings in the early 1960s in the deserts of South Australia very interesting chapter I was there in the photo 1961 Chapter 10 striking gold gives all the necessary information on what to look for machines to use and everything to do with gold panning metal detecting covering most aspects of gold recovery in Australia I have been doing enough of this in my life to be considered a professional gold prospector so you are getting it first hand chapter 11 rising sea levels addressing the why and the how of global warming starting with jet aircraft container ships cruise ships as Some of the biggest culprits chapter 12 justice corruption clearly states there’s something wrong with certain cities in Australia they are so corrupt chapter 13 evil criminal mind some of the evil people that cross your path in life how the government released the insane 2 attack me more than twice to seriously damaged me financially as explained chapters 4 and 12



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