The Church Held Hostage: The Plight of the Small Local Church


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We must be reminded that there are forces outside of the church warring against us. These forces, at times, can are and can be merciless and treacherous. But we are informed through the Word of God that we are more than conquerors in Christ Jesus. It isn’t just the outside forces which attack the church that presents obstacles to the church that we want to emphasize and recognize, but primarily the forces inside the church that corrode and erode the infrastructure of the small local church.

It is tragic enough to deal with trouble from outside of the church, but it’s worse when those who should work for the wellbeing of the church become part of the problem and not part of the solution. It’s not the circumstances of life that people have little or no control over that directly holds the small church hostage, but it’s the circumstances in life that people have a reasonable amount of, or a lot of control of, that holds the small church hostage. It is my prayer that through these writings that awareness, and enlightenment will come to this devastating quagmire that plagues many of our church. We will no longer continue to be in danger of being The Church Held Hostage.


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