THE CADE CLAN by Lawrence Cade


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“Would you like the experience, Blacks and Whites in the south during segregation” tells the story of the Callaway’s from the trenches. There is no editing for political correctness. It doesn’t hold back to paint a pretty picture. This story hits you full in the heart. The patriarch of the family dies while waiting for a room at a segregated hospital. A white man steps up to rescue a little boy from a mob when he makes the mistake of drinking from the wrong water fountain. A woman is forced to sleep with a man because she has no other way to secure her family’s needs. One distant cousin murders his brother over a very small disagreement. Despite the KKK, white and black people have secret lives together. It is easy to imagine how this story has character and depicts how life was lived during segregation in the south. It is not only a story about Blacks in the south during segregation. It is also a story about how some whites understood the situation and did whatever they could to protect people of color under the current circumstance.

This is real life. It takes the reader through the thought process of what was necessary for a person of color to survive in an all Caucasian controlled environment. Albeit, most people of color received poor education when compared to whites, they developed wisdom through experience and the class of hard knocks. They were able to demonstrate their superior thought process thatenabled them to compete with their white brothers as equals. They used all tools available to ensure that they would prevail. This is a classic that future generations will chat about years in the future. The main character is determined to better himself and leave the south any way possible. Although he encounters numerous obstacles including problems with his older brother and the stigma of being considered crazy, he can manage the situation. No matter what he is confronted with, it is never too much for him to handle.

“Would you like the experience, Blacks and Whites in the south during segregation” belongs in libraries across the country. Its portrayal of reality goes far beyond the sanitized versions of history that fill our bookshelves. The Callaway’s are real with real stories. The book is perfect for any college course centered on our country’s history, politics, sociology, or ethnic studies. Yet, it’s an exciting read. Like, “To Kill a Mockingbird,” it will become a favorite in the classroom. This will give the reader a classic example of how life was lived during that time. This is a book that everyone will be discussing for years to come. Additionally, this book will become a must have collective item. It will enable everyone who encounters this book to reflect and have an excellent understanding and appreciation of what life was like in the south during segregation if you were a person of color.


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