Sweet Sugar and Rocky Road by Alda Jarrett


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From the day we were conceived the journey of life begins. We all must travel this road whether it be smooth or rough, but no matter how smooth the path may be there will be rough patches or no matter how rugged there will be smooth paths.

Evil will always lurk around us be it from our so called friends or neighbour and worse of all our own families. We have all been sinned against sometimes in terrible ways, sometimes in smaller ways, but still harmful ways. One thing we will have to learn to do is to forgive, which at times does not come easy. We must remember that at sometime or another we also sin against someone and most of all against those we love.

God forgive us but he will not extend his mercy if we are unforgiving. Never try revenge it will only make things worse for you. Do not spend your life looking over your shoulder at the things others have done to you or you will never be fruitful.


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