Romancing the Mind: Neuromythology Exposed


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Wayne Talbot is a self-styled recreational analyst and author, researching subjects which pique his interest. In the main, these relate to “origins”, as described by religions and evolutionary theory. Not subscribing to any mainstream thinking, nor paradigms, he seeks to understand what lies beneath what others accept as “brute facts”, contending that so many of these are themselves predicated on paradigms, absent of deeper analysis. Thus, his enthusiasm for analysing the works of others to identify crucial elements that have been overlooked. In a sense, he perceives himself as an epistemological archaeologist, carefully uncovering layers of presumption to expose the truth that he believes lies beneath. Having a passion for ambiguity, he is entirely comfortable with failing to reach the bedrock of truth, nevertheless enjoying the journey.

With an earlier career in military air traffic control and management information services, both requiring diligent analysis across myriad circumstances, he senses that in some ways, he has not really retired despite having formally done so seventeen years previously. In the context of evolution, his previous published studies have been “The Dawkins Deficiency” (2011), “Information, Knowledge, Evolution and Self” (2016), and “Crossing a Chasm” (2021).

With a lifelong passion for a travel, and a modest appetite for adventure, he has trekked in the Khumbu and Annapurna regions of Nepal, the Peruvian Andes, and Patagonia. His hobbies include all things motorcycling: touring remote areas, attending races, and restoring vintage motorcycles. He has motorcycled throughout parts of his native Australia, North America, New Zealand, Iceland, Bolivia, Peru, Turkey, the Indian Himalaya, Morocco, Greece, and eastern Europe. His business and holiday travels have taken him through sixty countries, and all continents, including Antarctica.


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