Police Chief: MANAGING SUCCESS by Patrick L. Cote


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The author, Patrick Cote provides an in-depth analysis of police departments as seen through his 30 years of law enforcement experiences and trials and tribulations. Having been a police chief for 11 years in 3 states including New Hampshire, Arizona and Colorado, he provides detailed examples through life experiences. Avoiding the pitfalls and achieving success is the goal of this book for anyone in the criminal justice profession. He is currently a criminal justice faculty member for the University of Phoenix and a licensed private investigator in the state of Arizona.

A Guide of Successful Management Practices for:

• Police Chief and Police Chief Candidates
• Police & Security promotional candidates
• Lower, Middle & Upper Police Management personnel
• Universities & Colleges- faculty & students
• Someone Interested in the Criminal Justice career field
• Police & Security trainers & trainees
• School Administrators & Teachers
• Law Enforcement Academies
• Behavioral Health Administrators and Personnel
• Attorneys, Paralegals, Judges, and Private Investigators
• Mayors, City Councils, and other government officials


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