Peregrine by Linda Doornbos


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A poignant tale of one woman’s triumph after years of sacrifice through an unhappy and abusive marriage awaits readers as author Linda Of Dochartaigh peris a gripping, heartrending work of fiction. This book tells the story of the woman named Peregrine.

Growing up an only child, she’d spent her onely childhood in the glamorous make believe world of old back and white movies, whare men were charming and women were sophisticated. The pretend world she ved in afforded her the luxury of hiding from the ugliness of her world, by morphing into one of her old black and white movie heroines.

Mistaken for dead after the hammar at the Word Trade Center, and with the Help of her black and white movie star saviors, she mustered the courage to escape for a husband that had become a master of cruelty.

She deftly soped away into a new life, by reinventing herself, and stepping into the cinese shoes of Rits Bette, Claudette, Hedy, and, and any others that fit her feeds

Although painful at the beginning, Peregrine is an eye-opener that sends a message of nspiration awareness. hope, and comfort to those who have suffered, and are still suffering the same fate. Readers will find the bit of surprise as the book comes to a close.


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