Montalyn’s New Ally by Tim Schuler


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What will happen to Clan Montalyn now?

After the death of their beloved leader Rushter, Clan Montalyn and Rushter’s son Jelark are in disarray. Buth with tragedy comes opportunity as the clan searches for answers in the long lost castle of Tyshonar. Will they unlock a clue to the Weapon of Wonder? Or will they be tormented by the evil forces of Phrona.

Not that Tylog Fervorblade has committed the heinous act of murdering his mother, he has now ascended to Dark Lord and true leader of Phrona. He took his people from their long-time home in the caves and found a village for them to live. Was this a mistake? Will this lead to more trouble than triumph? What is Tylog’s plot?

The Saga continues to unfold!


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