Money, Where Are You? by Kwaku Addo


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This is a collection of predominantly humorous and insightful short stories, into which are woven Ghanaian cultural values and a real sense of community, including:
* “Money, Where Are You?” the title story, which is about Ozoak, who prays for riches, becomes rich, only to wish he were poor, after coming face-to-face with some of the ravages of affluence.

• “The Value-Added Woman,” which tells the reader how a woman’s worth, in terms of dowry, increases with the acquisition of higher education.
• “No Man is an Island” sends a clear message: no matter how independent you think you are, you cannot do without the help of people you strongly disapprove of.

The author’s style, the vivid illustrations, the import of every story as a potential transformer of the reader’s perception of life, and the emotional responses the stories elicit make the collection ideal for schools, colleges and libraries of all kinds.


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