Message to My Maidservants: From His Mouth to Our Ears


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Message to My Maidservants contains twelve powerful faith-driven love letters from God’s heart to the women that serve Him – His Maidservants.

Once again, Desiri Okobia has realized her vision to articulate her message. “Message to My Maidservants” is expressed in a unique and interesting motif — stories of four women along with herself to paint a picture of what a “maidservant” looks like in the 21st century.


“Message” not only speaks about victory and excellence but also the struggles of faith and faithfulness that require overcoming (at times) fear, anxiety, and family worries. This book is a great word of encouragement to anyone who takes their service to God seriously. – Pastor Fred Rubi

Desiri Okobia is an English Author, Coach and Speaker. Through her books and her speaking, Desiri empowers women to walk in their God given purpose and pursue their dreams.


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