Just One Planet by Shad Finney


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Just one planet is a story about a scientist named Professor Green and his assistant Puddles, who make an unbelievable discovery while doing field research. They discover a song coming from a beautiful flower that reminds us that we have just one planet, and we have to take care of it and one another.

While hearing the song, Professor Green and Puddles realize what they can do to harmonize with the planet.

The song coming from the beautiful flower titled “Just One Planet” is celebrated as a real historical event. So now, you can celebrate National Just One Human Family Day every September 12th.

A portion of the proceeds of each copy of the book will go to the nonprofit Neighbors in Humanity. In this way, it will help advocate for at-risk children on the planet as an example of sharing just one planet. It will also support the purchase of food, water, shelter, medical supplies, and education for such children. In this way, the story of the book will serve its purpose.



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