JJ Kapock (John Gary)


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Publication Date: 4/16/2019
B&W 6 x 9 in or 229 x 152 mm
Page Count: 298


Set in a blue-collar community in the suburbs of Baltimore, this novel reflects the aftereffects of World War II, the transformation of the United States after a wartime economy, and the solid values of hardworking Americans from all walks of life. It demonstrates the struggles of young people preparing for life, learning the value of a good work ethic to earn money. They must deal with sexual relationships they clearly do not understand, and they lack role models to emulate as they plan for their future happiness. How do you achieve it? Is choosing a real soul mate for life really a choice, or does it just happen? Is marriage meant for everyone, or should some people remain single? Creating children is a gift from God, but some people do not seem to be equipped to raise them in a wholesome family environment. Read and feel the struggles of JJ Kapock, Julie, and their many friends as they tackle such real-life issues.

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