Is America Under Martial Law by Rose M. Colombo


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Most Americans trusted their government leaders until about 2010. The borders became a serious issue as the Obama-Biden regime continue to fly in millions of illegals from anti-American nations. The illegal foreigners overpopulate for domination over a nation they seek to conquer. In 2015, Americans began to wake up and caused a red wave. The NWO Democrats retaliated and in 2019, Dr. Fauci , CDC, WHO, and Bill Gates began fear mongering. The Democrats granted themselves dictatorships and behaved as totalitarians. The American people were taken hostage and locked down and isolated , masked and distanced which is what they do to criminals, not free people. They ordered Americans who resisted be arrested and fined. Attending Christian Church on Sunday was off-limits. They ignore the people who died after the jabs were rolled out. They used fear mongering, coercion, and threats against Americans, which are crimes, but they hold themselves above the law. Constitutionally speaking, people can’t be forced to comply without following the FDA policies for trial jabs or trial Rx’s. The FDA requires that a person can’t be a human lab rat unless they are a willing volunteer of sound mind, not under duress. The human lab rat must be informed of the potential medical trial and informed of all potential injuries or death. Every volunteer must sign a consent form. The participants violated human rights and Nuremberg Codes knowing covid has a 99.8% recovery rate.

Colombo explores the possibility of extortion, fraud, lies and Martial Law. Could it be possible that the White House has raised the yellow fringe flag with 3-knotted gold tassels attached to it has been on display in the White House, courtrooms, government buildings or flown on U.S. soil be a signal to the NWO that Martial Law was enacted and that the U.S. Constitution has been suspended or revoked to justify their open border policies? Its been revealed that the U.S. Navy raises the yellow fringe flag with 3 knotted gold tassels attached before entering into international waters that signals the U.S. is entering in peace.


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