Hot Passionate Sex: A Man’s Way to Love


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This book is a story about a man named Keith. Keith looked for love in how women made him feel when having sex with them.

He never seen his mother or father show love or affection toward each other. Once his father passed away and his mother had to work all the time Keith still was never shown how to receive or give love to a woman. Keith was raised by the streets, the old timers said always keep a spare tire on the side, two or three women, to not fall in love with a woman, always let the woman take care of you.

Keith felt that if a woman knew how to satisfy him in bed that she must be the one to be with; because Keith had an overactive sex drive and had never been completely satisfied. Until one day his philandering ways caught up with him. He had sex with the wrong woman, and these actions made him see that how he had been living was all wrong. Keith finally met the one woman he would love and the one woman he would end up hating. Both women satisfied a need in him, in their own way. However, he only fell in love with one of them. Keith’s advice to women is to hold value to herself and her body, never to give up those valuable parts to just any man just looking for sex. Keith also wants men to know, that what you reap is what you sow, you mistreat women all the time then one day it shall come back to you.


This book is not just for the typical reader, it is for women, men especially those people with high sex drives. All races, colors.


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