HEART LESSONS: A Novel about the Spiritual Journey (J. Tatham)


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After her mother passes away, Megan returns to her childhood home. In reviewing her life there, and the unforgivable, long ago transgression of her father, she begins to sense a current lack of purpose and meaning in her life. With the help of psychotherapist Faith Franklin, she learns to honor the Mystery we all live in, and to look for the “lessons” life provides. She begins to notice the synchronicity in daily events and uses it as guidance to change her life’s direction.

Through Faith and daily meditation, Megan fi nds a completely diff erent world. She discovers a rich “inner” life, as well as an understanding of forgiveness that she never thought attainable.

As her inner growth continues, her heart opens to the possibility of new love with the attractive and intelligent Dr. Henry Bancroft, a professor of comparative religions at the nearby University. Just when it appears that every aspect of Megan’s life is working in harmony, the inevitable landslide begins. Emotional and physical dilemmas threaten to destroy everything she has worked to achieve. And yet, in the midst of even this, she has the most ecstatic experience of her life and is filled with more joy and peace than she thought possible. As the dilemmas are worked through, Megan discovers that the real gift has been the discovery of her spiritual self-an intuitive part of her that thrills to the daily synchronicities in her life and to the Mystery that no longer needs to be understood.


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