Gold-Z Death Of The Machine (Kirby McPhaul,O.D. Wells, Arthur Belokonov)


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President Jeraldo Icefinger (in Air Force One) was swallowed into the maw of a 1500-mile-wide-eye, of what was described as “dual electrical super storms of the century” over China and the America’s, as Chief Warrant Officer, Obadiah Willis and his two wingmen gave chase. Rising out of the vortex they discover it’s the year 2027 and they had been missing for three years, militia’s of angry anti-government white supremest and neo-Nazis ready to kill, had over-ran the country in a Republican coup-de-tat which allowed Confederates and Tea Partiers to run the country into the ground. They changed the name to the United Republic of America (URA) then went to war with the People’s Democracy of Japan (PDJ) for world domination. White devil/skinwalkers found a home in the Aryan race and Morbeus’ Oni demons whisked away the body and souls of invading aggressors while a growing “neo” army wrist control of “Heaven” from the goddess of the dark realm. Witness a world war of galactic proportions ensue as Obediah Trudnich leads Terrordyne’s Monolithica through time against these three powerful foes seeking the riches of the fabled “Garden of Eden.”


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