From Fear to Freedom by Deborah M. Webster


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Deborah Webster was born in 1955 into a family of eleven brothers and sisters and an abusive dad. Her childhood was one that would have broken some—if not most—people, but she did not let the pain defeat her. God’s illuminating light led her from fear to freedom. He spoke to her through dreams and visions, which came to pass, and helped her overcome.

When Deborah was twenty-six, she lost her mother to lung cancer and started writing. Inspired by love and close fellowship with her family, she wrote to tame heartache while discovering victory through her Lord Jesus Christ. In her collection, From Fear to Freedom, she mixes her poems and prose with scriptural passages that serve to uplift and inspire.

Deborah’s is a story of hope, faith, and deliverance. With God’s help, she has overcome her difficult circumstances to live a happy, fulfilling life. The Lord knows her heart, and He knows yours, as well. There are millions of people on earth with millions of problems, but there is only one you—and God made you specifically with a divine purpose. Deborah’s poems are a reminder of this miracle and an encouragement to seek God in the dark times; He will lead you into the light.


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