Ebena; Hidden Magic (Patricia E. Sandoval)


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Ebena known as Hidden Magic: Discovers she was swept away into a magical world called Enchantment throughout her journey of trying to find a way back home. Discovering a little magic of her own with guidance by three sunflower witches named Bianca, Patti and Jasmine as they escape away from wicked magic.

Throughout her journey she meets plenty of friends, in a world full of magic who want to help Ebena return back home. A wizard name Ashmar watches and protects the hidden magic girl as she continues to fulfill her destiny to discover who she is. Beside other friends who guide her along the way, to stop the wicked witches of the West along with their great niece Constance devious plots. Only to discover the hidden magic girl from Kansas has returned back home into her Enchantment world. Putting the wicked witches who taunt their world to an end.


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