Dreams and Discoveries: A Storybook Poem – Danny Warren


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This is a book that began life as the vaguest thread of a simple idea without much of any real or intentioned substance that might have given it any real purpose or any perceivable direction. It is a book about the author’s own perceptions and ideas about how existence might still maintain of this life when material existence no longer has any immediate relevance for its continuing perpetuation.

It has, however, evolved since that time into a serious exercise in expressive writing but with the primary emphasis directed always toward literary coloration and an attempt at imaginative dexterity.

We exist today within a maelstrom of questionable misconceptions that remain convenient to our particular life moments and to which we all religiously adhere as the necessary requirement of our accustomed conditioning, with the basic tenet of que sera enabling us all to more comfortably maintain our daily lives in the manner that is most fitting to our purpose.

This little effort began as a project based on an entirely hypothetical concept—the merest product of a rampant imagination. It is in no way intended as a statement of any of the popular convictions or beliefs that prevail today but is offered instead simply as a work of fiction and as little else.

It does, however, express the sympathies and inclinations of the writer in the direction of his own thoughts and of his own suspicions.

We all appear to be comfortable with our own philosophical concepts regarding the perpetuity of our own existences, and why should that not be the case?

It might be helpful, however, particularly for those seekers of life questions to take a long look into the eyes of a new born child and explore some of the solutions to those mysteries that are lying there waiting to be discovered.


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