December 25th: A Shamus O’Malley Adventure by Jim Kirker


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The O’Riley family of Boston are having company for the Christmas holidays.

Their extended family, the McDuff’s and Michael O’Donnell of Ireland along with an old friend, Sir Thomas Macdonough of Chicago, the world’s leading theoretical astrophysicist will be joining them. As everyone gathers in Boston, a timeless state overtakes the Earth and a mysterious voice issues an ominous warning that inconceivable forces are about to appear on Earth’s horizon. A cataclysm like no other is at hand.

Ellie O’Hara, a gifted astrophysicist, and JP, a brilliant cosmologist join the O’Riley clan in their attempt to prevent the obliteration of the planet. Simmering underneath the surface of horrific real-life events is the perpetual conflict between faith, science and religion, threatening to derail universal efforts to overcome the unknown.

Shamus O’Malley, and his leprechauns along with an alien entity, Mōr, join the Earthling’s efforts to survive the inevitable. They and humanity are frustrated at every turn by unforeseen personal challenges along with the disappointment of the world’s lost hope and vanishing courage. This suspenseful story seamlessly blends the fundamentals of nature, science, astrophysics and cosmology with fantasy and mature themes.

A unique and heart-warming adventure for the child in your life…and the child in you.
A unique and magical story that is incredibly educational in multiple fields of science…and weaved into a fascinating tale replete with intrigue, lost trust, shaken faith and elusive hope. The scientific principles that govern our universe and the confines of Earth are extremely accurate in their details and presented with a touch of wonderment. A suspenseful and vibrant tale that springs to life and fully captivates one’s sense of the mythical.

Rob Donnelly, Senior Associate, Comm. Cyber Defense, Carlstadt, New Jersey

Another heart-warming and suspenseful page turner in the Shamus O’Malley Adventures series which will capture the imagination of young and old alike. Mōr is a character that is both fascinating and adorable…and rivals Shamus in likeability. The essential scientific nuances that permeate our world and the cosmos are easily understood and presented in comfortable schemes. This is so much more than a whimsical tale!

Karla Hanna, Project Manager, Andover, Mass.



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