Crossing The Bridge by Sharon Hoseley


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Sharon enters the world with a bang, as Doc Carsow target practices in the hayfield while waiting to deliver her. Too late to be in the Greatest Generation and too early to be a Baby Boomer, she crosses her morther, Susan’s bridge gleaning the benefits of both worlds.

In 1940, the country is recovering from the Great Depression. The Chase family is stable after twelve years of extreme hardship. War descends on the nation. Life is on edge even for young Sharon. Fear, rationed products, sacrifice and heartache hold every day captive. Her mother and father attempt to provide security and normalcy.

As an only child, Sharon is adored by her parents and loved by rural neighbors who enrich and widen her world. Their influence and encouragement expand her gifts of music, storytelling, art, teaching and conversation into a broad bridge of solid values and deep character which eventually touches thousands of lives.

Sharon’s story reveals the powerful influence we hold over one another.


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