Cowlicks: The First Day of Spring by E. Ray Dorsey


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Cowlicks”The First Day of Spring” is series # 1 of the “Cowlicks” subtitles yet to come. Which are meant to stimulate young imaginations and celebrate the purity of childhood. It is written in lyrical form to aid memorization with rhythm and rhyme which can be a platform for parental teaching and bonding with Preschoolers.

Of most importance, is the lasting of purity and how much we can gain from it while we can. Once the run for contentment is on, (so to speak) its on! So in these run-on’s, you may find that we do share the same walk of life… Have you ever experienced a perfect spring day during the early morn or early eve when the sun is gently rising or slowly sinking giving just the right warmth to swaddle you up and make the green grasses a greener shade as just enough breeze to nudge your senses, brings you a soft caress on the brow, with a lite bouquet from a freshly tilled garden, an old fermenting woods or a lone standing Maple from somewhere near by?

Have you ever really looked at the lavender clouds that only so often surround a rising or a setting amber sun like a shroud they would drape the shoulders of a Majestic peace keeper in all silence and praise, poised upon him modestly moving the Earth onto it’s feet or bowing to her sweetest dreams?

Or have you ever noticed the gradual illuminations of fresh morning dew laid placid on your neighbor’s flowering garden from sometime during your slumber has prepared it’s self to catch the eye of the rising sun when its just high enough to reflect a glaring from their reds, their whites, their purples, pinks, and yellows on your walk back home from the bus stop while Preschooler recites them all in Awe?

If you have ever been in a places like these, you’ve already been to Duskie Catie Land and welcome back!


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