COVID-19 The Untapped Solutions: Part 2 (Mohamed Buheji)


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Publication Date: 5/5/2021
Trim Size: 5 x 7 in or 178 x 127 mm
Page Count: 874


This part two of the ‘COVID-19 The Untapped Solutions’ book, continues to bring more perspectives about how to see opportunities insides the problems. The book has a variety of chapters in the four sections that shows the Covid-19 pandemic related spillovers, besides ways to mitigating it. The overall common thread of both books (parts 1 &2) comes from the capacity of the ‘moment of pauses’ that could be utilized to solve problems or exploit opportunities, because of a complex global emergency situation.

The context of the chapters emphasize the utilization of challenges and issues of COVID-19 virus, and its spillovers, by the multidisciplinary researchers that came from twenty-two countries throughout the globe. In total, the 54 chapters in both books managed to attract researchers 72 researchers, coming from 36 different disciplines which show the uniqueness and the capacity of the inspiration-based economy to mobilize and refocus the scientific and knowledge community to bring practical and sustainable solutions that lead to a more stable world and communities. The 53 ‘Untapped solutions’ listed in both books not only help to address demanding solutions to existing problems, but most probably would help to more effective future foresight. The editors confirm that once the risks like the ones of this pandemic come in a different context, the solutions that could be extracted from the opportunities seen from similar problems could be generalized with minimal limitations. The implication of the two books raises the need for a different mindset that would help to establish early tools that would encourage in-depth research for seeing such type of ‘untapped solution’ ahead of a coming complex challenge.