Excuse Me: A Roller Coaster Journey of my Life over 500 Stories and Photographs( Norris Kenney Allen Sr. )


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A Journey You Must Think Through, November 26, 2001 On my wedding day, November 26, 1961, I paid a photographer to take pictures of me and my beautiful bride. He did not show up. Only one camera was there, and it belonged to my oldest niece, Revonia Fletcher. She only had one exposure left in her camera. She took our picture at the reception held in the fellowship hall of New Hope Church after we said our vows. The most important thing I learned from planning this event was that I should always have a backup plan. On our fortieth wedding anniversary, I had over a dozen cameras ready to take pictures of the event. Everything was photographed that time. Whenever Gladys and I attend any event, many young people look upon us as role models for a successful marriage. My advice to those who are thinking of getting married is this: count the cost before you say “I do.” There is only one other commitment in life more significant than a marriage vow, and that the one in which we say to God, “Lord, here am I. I’ll go, even if I have to go by myself, but I will serve you unto death.” Jesus Christ and my wife, Gladys, are the best things that ever happened to me on this extraordinary journey. If you don’t think so, excuse me. I do.