A Spiritual Journey: An Irishman learns how to embrace life’s challenges to find inner strength and enlightenment (Sean Boylan)

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Publication Date: 1/27/2020
Standard Color 6 x 9 in or 229 x 152 mm
Page Count: 86


A series of unusual ‘happenings’ and life-changing challenges meant that Irishman, Sean Boylan, always felt slightly different to his peers during his childhood, adolescence and later years.

In this forthright and honest book, the author describes the events that contributed to his journey on the path of spiritual enlightenment. This story invites the reader to travel with him, from his childhood in a large family in Ireland, through his years working as a photographer during The Troubles in Northern Ireland, to remarkable encounters and experiences in pre and post-communist Bulgaria and Turkey.

In describing the challenges experienced in his personal and business life, the author shows us how he came to the realisation that we are all stronger than we think, and that the trials and tribulations we face can bring us to a much higher, spiritual level.