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CORIANDER SCOTTSVILLE was called to serve her country. She did her best to prepare her family for a long absence. She even tried to prepare her heart; stocking up on means for spiritual growth in an unfamiliar place. Three years of searching for answers to God’s perfect plan left her soul faithfully enriched. She knew the day would still come that she’d receive orders to leave her family. Coriander finally received deployment orders and realized she was heading to the Middle East for the first time in her career. The question in her mind; Where was God when…
Go with Coriander as she relives her spiritual experiences in the desert, staying plugged into the power source, and trusting in God even when it seemed blessings were far from anything. She describes her experience like Noah preparing for the flood in the desert! Coriander tries to prepare her heart for the unknown. You may want to know how she survived spiritual combat.


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