Ensuring that more people hear about it

Promoting your book through different media outlets makes it more reachable and gains wider range of audiences that will be interested in your manuscript. Different advertisements on magazines will have a great effect on your book’s popularity ensuring that more people hear about it. Ads about the manuscript through Washington Post, LA Times and Publishers Weekly will spark more interest in your book as more people notice it.

Washington Post Magazine

The Washington Post Magazine is published Sundays in The Washington Post and aims to tell stories about the Washington area through long-form narrative journalism. With different ad choices that fits your budget. The Washington Post Magazine is a showcase advertising environment helping readers decide where to spend their time and money. Having your book included as part of their print publications ensures that it reaches a great number of varied readers that will surely notice the merits of your book.

LA Times

Winner of 40 Pulitzer prize awards for its coverage of different issues, making sure that your books get to the right people through printed ads with the 4th highly circulated newspaper LA Times. Their wide number of audiences ensures that the ad interest generated in your manuscript comes to the widest amount of people who are most likely to read it.

Publisher's Weekly

With more that 130 years of experience in circulating written media. This leading source of comprehensive international news and weekly print publications targeted to publishers, librarians, book sellers and literally agents has close to a million readers on its website.