Full Color Publishing Package

Vivid imagery brought to life

The beautiful high-quality colors that are part of our photography books, children’s books, cookbooks, comics, and other books that have wonderful images as their main content fully deserve your reader’s attention. Our two publishing packages can bring the endless possibilities of vivid imagery to life.

Design and Image Feature
Advance Cover design ✔ ✔
Advance Interior design ✔ ✔
Ability to control design of books interior and cover layout. ✔ ✔
Image Insertion included 25 images Unlimited
Basic Illustrations - 10
Production Feature
Availability in Paperback ✔ ✔
Availability in Ebook ✔ ✔
Backcover Writing ✔ ✔
Rounds of correction 2 2
Electronic Galley ✔ ✔
Post Publication Feature
ISBN Registration ✔ ✔
Books in Print Registration ✔ ✔
Library of Congress Registration ✔ ✔
Worldwide Distribution and Online Listing ✔ ✔
Online Book Sales and Royalty Accounting ✔ ✔
Royalty payment every 30 days ✔ ✔
Order your book in one-click away ✔ ✔
Pay the actual printing cost for book orders ✔ ✔
Set your own price ✔ ✔
eBook Marketing ✔ ✔
Amazon Look Inside ✔ ✔
Book will be displayed on Westwood official website ✔ ✔
Book will be displayed on Westwood official facebook page ✔ ✔

Disclaimer: The cost of the publishing programs do include the copies of the book but the shipping and handling will be calculated and collected after your book is made available for sale.