Editorial Service

Your thoughts and style retain your personal touch

Our readers are becoming more discerning of books they chose to invest their time in. Our editors will invest their professional expertise in polishing your book before your manuscript becomes published they will catch any errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation. Working with you personally so that your thoughts and style retain your personal touch since you still get the final say in what changes are to be made.

Editorial Assessment

Our team of experienced editors will determine what kind of editorial services your book may need to give it quality and presentability to your intended readers. They will help give a general assessment and will work with you to improve its readability. This preliminary process will help you decide which editorial services best fits your writing style.

Copy Editing

Whether you are an experienced or first time author some grammar mistakes are hard to catch and these can separate the line between amateur and well written books. Our team will give a professional polish to your manuscript and fix any mechanical errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation.

Line Editing

Line editing can be often mistaken for copy editing. What distinguishes it from copy editing is that our editors will look at the book line by line and consider which word choice and structure will give power and meaning to your manuscript. They will help you polish the syntax and sentences to make your prose sing.

Developmental Editing

Developmental Editors take a closer look at the overall strength and organization of a manuscript. They will identify all areas that need you may be able to improve on to polish the book. The editor will consider everything from pacing, to characters, point of view, tense, plot, subplots and dialogue. They will personally work with you to give you suggestions on how to improve order, flow and consistency. They will review how the chapters are organized and if they are consistent with the intended order as well as if there are any holes in the story being presented. Due to the extensive nature of this in depth type of editing, it is more time intensive and costly. However for the serious author, this is absolutely worth the investment to make you succeed.