Potential to become a movie adaptation

Your book has the potential to become a movie adaptation or a television series. Making your book available to the decision makers like agents, producers, directors, writers and actors through this service makes it a very likely possibility for your manuscript to become alive in the big screen. Don’t stop at just fantasizing about it, take action if you’re determined to turn your book into being a television series or movie.


An aggressive marketing approach in making sure your book reaches the entertainment executives that make the decisions, this initial step creates the framework for transforming your book into an actual screenplay. This Treatment guides how a screenwriter would create an adaptation of your book to become a fully developed screenplay. Not only does it provide the structure for the screenplay but it also ensures that your agent is on the same page and heading in the same direction as you intended the story to be. Once this has been completed it will give a shortcut to the essence of your book so you can clearly demonstrate its strength and likeability at succeeding on film.


A professionally adapted screenplay gives producers an impression that you are truly serious in breaking into the entertainment business. A screenplay is a fully furnished adaptation of your manuscript to use in evaluating if your book is something that they want to produce. Complete with character dialogues and detailed actions about your story. This will give your book an added chance at making it through these entertainment decision maker’s list of choices.