Book Reviews

Professional Review adds credibility

Having an expert’s opinion on your manuscript provides the book lover with a credible guide to purchasing your book. Book reviews can tell them that your manuscript is definitely worth their time and effort to read. A professional review adds credibility which is highly important to new and aspiring self-publishing authors. A glowing review will help generate interest and spark the interest of readers to buy your book.

US Book Review

The US Review of Books (USRB) – A contemporary website that reviews both traditional and self-published books. Aside from a review, your book will also be displayed on the Featured Book Reviews section on the USRB homepage and will be submitted as an entry to the Eric Hoffer Award. Established in 2005, the annual event recognizes “writing of significant merit,” “salient writing,” and “independent spirit of small publishers” as a tribute to American philosopher Eric Hoffer. Winners are featured on the USRB website and published in Best New Writing, an annual anthology of fiction and creative nonfiction.

( 4-5 weeks TAT )

Pacific Book Review

Pacific Book Review (PBR) – A book reviewer that has earned the trust of many publishers, authors, literary agents, and the media. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned author, you will receive an unbiased assessment of your book from authorities in your respective literary genre. Your book will get the chance to be featured as the book of the month or one of the top 5 reviews on PBR’s homepage. It is also automatically an entrant to the Pacific Book Awards.

Founded in 2005, Pacific Book Awards accepts literary works of various genres and recognizes a book’s aesthetic appeal both in cover design and content.

( 4-5 weeks TAT)

Clarion Book Review

This paid for review service is ForeWord Magazine’s answer to the growing demand for a professionally written, qualified, and objective review. With today’s growing number of published books and dwindling newspaper review sections, it’s harder than ever to get a review. This service, provides a professional review; guaranteeing the same quality and word length one can see in ForeWord Magazine reviews.

You’ll be getting a 450-word comprehensive critique of the writing, plot, pacing, characters, packaging, and other elements that will influence potential book buyers. The book will be rated with one to five stars based on excellence.

(11-12 weeks TAT)

Trifecta (Pacific, USRB, Hollywood)

Getting your book reviewed through three major book reviewers will definitely help your credibility as an author. The publicity and exposure these three has combined gives you a wider reach to get to the desired audience. This option includes a cover revision for authors to include the blurb of the review on the cover.

Blue Ink Book Review

BlueInk Review is the first service devoted exclusively to reviewing self-published books. It was founded by an internationally known literary agent and an award-winning book review editor.

You’ll be getting an objective review with 250- to 300-words consisting of facts and style as the reviewer deems appropriate. The review will be posted in the BlueInk website unless the author requests otherwise.

(12-13 weeks TAT)

This also includes a cover revision option for authors to include the blurb of the review on the cover.

Hollywood Book Review

Strengthen your credibility with a professional Hollywood Book Review. We provide maximum exposure for authors to get their book noticed and shine in the spotlight.

Upon receipt of your book, eBook or manuscript, our editor will assign your project to a qualified reviewer, who will read the complete book and write a full review (approximately 400-500 words). All our reviewers are fully vetted and highly qualified book reviewers. Our reviewers include librarians, business executives, and journalists from national publications, PhDs in religion and literature, creative executives in entertainment and publishing industries, and other professional reviewers.

Once your review is completed, Hollywood Book Reviews will email you the attached PDF tear sheet and a link of your review to Hollywood Book Reviews; at which point you can use it however you choose – on the back cover of your book, in marketing materials, on your website, or in a letter to an agent or publisher. When your review is published on Hollywood Book Reviews it is discovered by industry influencers, agents, publishers, and consumers (unless it’s a negative review, at which point you can request that it be removed from Hollywood Book Reviews.)

This includes a cover revision option for authors to include the blurb of the review on the cover.

( 4-5 weeks TAT )