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An effective, safe, and proven service for authors to get honest, unbiased Amazon Customer Verified Reviews, Best Seller Category Ranking, and sales for their Kindle eBook.

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All prices shown are for books priced $2.99 or under for the promo period (you may change your price after the promo). The optimal price for promos is 99 cents. If you want to promote your book at a higher price, there will be a small supplement payable. The maximum price your book can be during the promo period is $4.99 with a supplement. While we do not recommend this, it may be possible to price your book higher for smaller packages. Please consult with us.

Please note we cannot guarantee the bestseller ranking as we are not Amazon, but in most cases, this is the ranking you will reach with this package.

The ranking will stay as is if no one can beat the number of eBook sold during that day but the reviews are guaranteed.)
Turn-around time for reviews to be posted is maximum of 5 Weeks.