Who Jesus Is (Tonette Carter)


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Publication Date: 7/30/2020
Trim Size: 8.5 x 11 in or 280 x 216 mm
Page Count: 30


‘Who Jesus Is’ was written for my granddaughter who was wondering how Jesus could live in her heart. Many people of every age contemplate who Jesus is. Everyone should know who Jesus is. This book is so explicative of who Jesus is, a child of the youngest age to the oldest age will understand exactly who Jesus is from HIS creation of lights, plants, animals and the making of mankind in GOD’s image. GOD commanded man to replenish the Earth and take dominion over it. GOD so loves this world HE gave HIS only son’s life for this world. Whoever believes in Jesus Christ as the son of GOD for the remission of theirs sins, will not perish and die but obtain everlasting life.

Before I ever attended school, I would wake up very early in the mornings to walk around my grandparents’ yard filled with pine trees, apples, pears, walnut trees, beautiful flowers, grapevines and strawberry bushes; listening to the birds chirping their morning praises of worship to GOD. No one had to say anything to me and no one told me anything. I knew GOD was there.