The Unsigned, Undelivered Letter: Pindly Left Free… Mandela Set Free (RT. Hon. Rev. Dr. Philip A. Rahming, J.P.)


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Publication Date: 6/9/2020
Trim Size: 6 x 9 in or 229 x 152mm
Page Count: 110


Rt. Hon. Rev. Dr. Philip Rahming, OBE, JP, a graduate of Calabar Theological College, Kingston, Jamaica; Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville Kentucky; and United Theological Seminary, Dayton Ohio, began his schooling at Sandilands All Age School in Fox Hill New Providence, Bahamas, his hometown.

As a boy, Philip always had a love for service and a determination to become outstanding in his endeavors. Nurtured in a Baptist Sunday School where his grandfather was the Superintendent, young Rahming learned that God gave special gifts to individuals and that each person has a particular contribution to make in life. As an adult, the Reverend Doctor Rahming became president of Th e Bahamas Christian Council and served for six years. Later, he became a member of the Ethics Commission of the Baptist World Alliance (BWA). A former secondary school teacher, a lecturer at The Bahamas Teacher’s College which became the College of Th e Bahamas and now is The University of Th e Bahamas. He also served as Chaplain to the Honorable Speaker of the right Honorable House of Assembly 1967-1969. Dr. Rahming served in the Baptist World Alliance on the Ethics Commission and Inter-Church Relation. Presently, he served as a pastor of Rehoboth Global Ministries.

Reverend Rahming wrote The Bahamas Pledge of Allegiance and the national song of The Bahamas, “God Bless Our Sunny Clime.” He is also the author of two books, Martin Luther King Jr.: His Religion, His Philosophy and The Pledge of the Bahamas: Its History. He was recently honored by the government among others in its Annual National Awards and received the Honor of the Most Honorable, October 2019. In January of 1979, the Late Pope John Paul II made a brief stop in The Bahamas on his way home from Latin America. It was evening and the Roman Catholics through the Bahamas Christian Council arranged a meeting for as many to see His Holiness. Dr. Rahming joyfully expressed, “As President of the Bahamas Christian Council, it was my special privilege and honor to welcome His Holiness to the Bahamas.”