The Tale of the Christmas Hero (Carolyn Mitchell)


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Publication Date: 12/12/2018
Standard Color 8.5 x 8.5 in or 216 x 216 mm
Page Count: 36


Through delightful, easy-read poetry and enchanting illustrations, the author and artist relate a whimsical tale of a little field mouse’s unlikely encounter with Santa and his reindeer on Christmas Eve. The colorful imagery created by this book’s verse and corresponding artwork will amuse and fascinate the reader as it brings the story to vibrant life.

The storyteller immediately beckons each reader to perceive his or her own hometown as the one nearly missed by the frolicking reindeer’s diversion. This personalizes the anticipation as each aspect of the story unfolds.

The tale begins with an exciting race as the frisky reindeer suddenly abandon their Christmas delivery work to plunge Santa’s sleigh into a furious chase after a startled field mouse. The fun continues as the mouse’s escape plan finally outwits the reindeer, causing them to lead Santa and his sleigh into a most compromising situation. Their resulting predicament was clearly spelling disaster for Santa’s ability to complete his Christmas Eve duties! But then . . . in a delightful turn of events, the Christmas team is rescued through another ingenious plan by the soft-hearted mouse and his recruited bear helpers. The story ends happily with Santa’s Christmas Eve mission restored and the little mouse suitably rewarded by his new friends for his heroic efforts.

The Tale of a Christmas Hero is a captivating children’s book that is sure to charm readers of all ages.

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